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About Annie


I am a wife, mama, Lake Placid lover, Nikon user, happy traveler & bibliophile.

Many of my fondest, most vivid memories of childhood include the gorgeous food, the amazing aromas and the gifts of laughter that were created in the kitchens and around the tables of my Italian grandmothers. When I think back on the feasts they produced in their tiny galley kitchens, my heart races and my stomach yearns for their eggplant Parmesan, fried meatballs and perfect lasagnas that ‘looked so easy’ and tasted so delicious.

If I can convey through my photography the warm feelings I experience just thinking about the special moments of life… moments from our past and present, I’ll have done my job!

This is about creating beautiful images. This is personal. Thank you for sitting at my table…

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